Saturday, August 29, 2009

Flush For a Cause

Are you looking for ways to save money and also do something GREEN? I know you probably don't have a lot of time and don't want to get involved with some organization to help the earth, but this exciting program doesn't require you go anywhere. You can save money and you go green.

Dual Flush Toilets is what I'm talking about. Select A Flush has a kit you can buy for just $39.95 and it will save you on the cost of money and preserve water. What's more exciting is they're giving you a chance to raise money for:
  • Schools
  • Scouts
  • After School Programs
  • Sports programs
  • Charities: like Churches, Medical drives and research
  • A Private drive for books or tuition: This is a perfect way to earn your book money. Enter your name in as the fund and you are ready to promote yourself for books and tuition.
Dual Flush Toilets will give you code to give to your friends and family. If your friend or family members use that code when purchasing a kit they will get a 5% discount AND Select A Flush will donate 5% to your cause like a Charity.

Now you have no excuse, get yourself a kit and impact the world!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Are You a Mediocre Piano Player?

It seems like everyone these days "know" how to play the piano to some degree. I myself took lessons as a child not because I wanted to, but because my mom made me. When I got old enough I stopped taking lessons and unfortunately I regret it. I picked up the guitar and eventually found myself wanting to pick up the piano again. I've tried to teach myself through books and websites, but none of them really seem to work for me. I recently came across a website that can takes the mediocre player to the next level.

Learning piano chords as well as being able to improvise can be tricky. Playing the piano is one thing, improvising and making a simple song sound amazing is a whole another level. If you're currently taking lessons or want to take lessons you really need to check this out. There are many testimonies on their site from people like me and you who have been blown away by their lessons on improvising. Just knowing piano chords and a few songs does not make you a great player. Go check out this site and watch some of the videos there and you'll be blown away. It won't be long before you're making those amazing sounds and impressing your friends.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Looking for some sandals?

If you're a normal person you probably own at least one or two pairs or sandals or flip flops. I personally own three pairs of sandals for different occasions. I know that's a lot for a guy, but two of those are old and worn out. I'm not big on going shopping for sandals or just shoes in general so I try to do my shopping online. There are several places that you can purchase sandals from, but today I just wanted to introduce one of the sites. Zappos!

Zappos offers men's, women's, boys, and girls sandals and shoes of all different sizes and styles. According to their site "Today at Zappos: 1,196 Brands - 167,688 Styles - 3,293,215 Total Products Available in our warehouse for immediate shipment!" They offer the latest styles to keep you looking COOL this summer.

Zappos accepts all major credit cards as well as Paypal. With their 365 day return policy you can rest assure your satisfaction will be met. Zappos is a member of the BBB online and they also were recognized as a 2009 Customer Service Champ by Business Week. So if you're in the market for a new pair of sandals stop by Zappos and check out their huge selection of sandals!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Shopping for your kids

Are you looking for some Easter Apparel for your kids this year? Check out the Easter Store and get all your kids apparels there.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Help with your Research Paper

Are you a college student who struggles with research papers and find yourself spending way too much time on them? There are several websites that can help you, but the one that stands out among the rest is They offer top-notch custom research that is 100% professionally written, there are no limits to how many pages you must order, and you'll be getting the highest quality and lowest prices online, with NO HIDDEN CHARGES!.

PaperDue offers model term papers written by highly experienced writers who work 24 hours a day to make your life a little easier. PaprDue also offers prewritten research papers at a low cost of $8 per page which is a lot less than their competitors. This would be a great way to give yourself something work off of at a small price.

Writing a research paper is never easy and can be very time consuming. Time is something you may not have and stressing over a research paper isn't going to help you either. Next time stop by and let them give you a hand.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sometimes change is bad

I am person who usually will not go out of my way to change something in my life especially if there's nothing wrong with what I already have. Recently I decided to part ways with T-mobile and joined AT&T through First of all Wirefly has THE BEST deals when it comes to cell phones, given that you'll be signing a contract and they make it real easy for you to switch over to a new provider without having to make a phone call. So I filled out all the necessary information and got 3 brand new phones absolutely free which includes a Samsung Eternity, LG Shine, and a Samsung slide phone which isn't too fancy since it's for my dad who could care less about what the phone looks like. So after I send the necessary information they send you an email to track your order and when I receieved the email it showed that my phones will be arriving in 2 days! That's fast service!

Next morning I went to work and when I picked up my phone to make a call it was no longer in service!!! I called Wirefly and told them my situation and they said unfortunately T-mobile has cut off my service before my AT&T phone arrived and there's nothing Wirefly could do about that. I asked them if Wirefly informs its customers of this possibility on their website and she said no. I told her I would like to speak with her supervisor and for the record I was completely polite and never raised my voice. Once the supervisor picked up I told her my frustration over the fact that Wirefly hid this possibility from its customers and I felt like I should be compensated for the 2 days I would have to go without a phone. She said she'll see what she could do and came back on rather quickly and said they'll send me a free bluetooth headset. I said if that's all you can do for that's fine, but I told her they need to tell their customers about this and she said she'll forward it to their feedback department.

Well the phones came after 2 days and on the 3rd day my free bluetooth headset came in as well, but I told myself this is exactly why I don't like to change things especially when I've been with T-mobile for over 5 years and have never experienced any difficulty with them.

Wirefly - Free LG Incite 3G Touch Screen Phone + Bluetooth Headset with a new AT&T account

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Irresponsible Drivers

Have you ever seen an irresponsible driver or maybe you yourself are one of them. Just the other day as I was crossing an intersection on a green light a car pulls up into the left lane hardly slowing down and turns left on a RED ARROW signal. This is a very busy intersection and although it was only 6:30 in morning there were plenty of cars on the road.

So why does this bother me? For one running a red light is not only illegal, but you're putting others in danger. I just read an article about 3 grad students that were killed at an intersection when a man ran a red light and instantly killed them. All 3 of those students were only-child's in their family and to make matters worse they came here from China in hopes of better education. You can read the whole story here.

Just a couple of days later I get a call from my girlfriend saying she had been in a car accident. She was pretty shook up so I tried to calm her down and hopefully she was not hurt and it was nothing major. What made me upset was the fact that the other driver decided to run for it after they hit her. I know hit and runs happen all the time, but it makes me wonder what goes on in the heads of these people? Please, if you're one of these irresponsible drivers please think about what the person has to go through because of the poor choices you decide to make when driving.