Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ipod Touch Review

I'm a sucker for gadgets. I love the latest gadgets and I always try to talk myself out of buying the latest and coolest "thing," but I usually fail. My most recent purchase is a 16GB 1st generation Ipod Touch. I got a great deal through Amazon's Gold Box One Day Deal and purchased this bad boy for $199 and free shipping. After a couple of months, here's my review.

This bad boy is slick! Right out of the box I turned it on and was enjoying its touch screen navigation. I touched on the Safari button to browse the net and as soon as I opened it, it recognized my wireless router and all I had to do was put in the password and I was browsing the net. Its "App Store" button will take you into their application store where you can a ton of free applications for your iTouch. There are many applications that you can purchase and I would have to say some of them are worth buying. One of my favorite free App that was already installed on my iTouch was the "Mail" app because you can put all your email accounts in here and it'll automatically check all your emails for you which is awesome.

There are many great apps that really come in handy like the "Flixster" app that allows you to see the latest movies and even watch the preview from your iTouch. There's the "YellowPages" app that makes finding restaurants and business a piece of cake without having to look for the big yellow book or carry around your laptop.

Last but not least, my favorite part iTouch is the games! There are a lot of free games you can get from the App Store and these really come in handy when you're bored at home or at work (if you don't get caught).

After a couple of months do I think it was worth it to buy this thing? Absolutely!


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