Tuesday, January 27, 2009


No I didn't misspell it, it is S.H.O.P.W.I.K.I. This is an amazing website that helps you find the best deals on the internet. If you're like me you'll go to several different websites before making a purchase to make sure you find the best deal possible. Well now all you have to do is go to Shopwiki and type in what you're looking for and they'll do all the work for you and find the best deals on the net.

I want to focus on babies and toddlers products for this entry. Not only does Shopwiki find you the best deals, but they also provide you with a guide to purchasing things like a stroller or a car seat and many others. First time parents would find this very useful.

To give you an example I typed "car seats" in the search box and the first car seat that came up was a 2009 Priori Convertible Car Seat in Phantom. Shopwiki shows you the prices of every store they could find that offers this car seat with a picture and description of the car seat. This is an amazing place to get all the info you need on just about anything.

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