Friday, February 13, 2009

The TV battle within

If you're like me, going to places like Best Buy, Target, or HHGregg makes you want to purchase the latest TV's and digital TV or LCD TV and the bigger the better. I love going into these stores on Sunday's when the NFL games are on and you can see the games on dozens of these latest TV's. Standing there just makes you want to buy one right there on the spot and I have talked myself out of buying one many times, mainly because I don't know what size to purchase.

I live in a small condo that is about 900 sq/ft so getting a huge LCD TV is not a good idea because it would look out of place, although my friends who come over to watch the games may not think so. Given the size of my living room and the distance between my couch and the wall where the digital tv would be hanging, I assume that a 42" should do the trick. This is where my ego comes in, "BIGGER THE BETTER."

2 TV's, LCD TV's and plasma tv's have become very affordable these days, but it's still good to do some research before you make a purchase. One of the first things that anybody would look at including myself is the price tag. Comparing prices is a difficult task especially when you really don't know what to look for. My advice to you is go online and type in "what to look for in an LCD tv" and see what the experts say.

I feel that I'm very close to purchasing my first LCD tv, but until then good luck in your search for the "right" digital tv for your house.

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Malcolm Boone said...

I just wanted to say that at the beginning of last summer I had moved into a house with three friends of mine, and we too needed to purchase a TV. What I would suggest to you is the TV that we had purchased. We bought a 42" Vizio plasma television. I must say that the quality of our TV was impeccable and I strongly suggest you to look into purchasing one as well. The best part is that they are very fairly priced.