Thursday, October 16, 2008

DSLR's Only for Professionals or Anybody?

I love going to gatherings or events and taking pictures, especially of people. I remember forking over $300 for my first digital camera that weighed around 2 or 3 pounds due to its size and the 4 AA batteries it took to operate it. This is when digital cameras were starting to make their way into the marketplace so to have one was truly a good feeling. I remember showing it off to my friends and taking pictures with it and seeing people's amazement as they were allowed to see the picture right away. As years passed I have gone through around 5 or 6 digital cameras always wanting to get my hands on the latest and the most compact digital camera out there.

Well a few months back I decided to get my hands on a DSLR camera after seeing the quality of the pictures taken with these OVERSIZED cameras. I started my way into the world wide web and its never ending resources. My choice for online purchase is Amazon so I started there and started comparing prices as well some basic things like mega pixels, LCD size, type of batteries, etc. After several days of research I decided on a Sony A200W which had great reviews from other users and was an entry level DSLR priced well below other similar DSLR's. I also bought it when it was on sale for $599.99 which now is going for $699.99. Once I received the camera I pulled it out and was excited to finally have a DSLR in my hands. Although I've never operated one of these bad boys before I simply took the caps off of the camera body and the lens and had it on immediately without reading any instructions.

Needless to say I have really enjoyed taking pictures with this awesome camera. I was a little embarrassed at first carrying this huge camera around, but after seeing the pictures and sharing them with friends and family I have fallen in love with it. If you ever wanted to buy a DSLR camera, but wasn't too sure if you would know how to use it, believe me it's easy as using you digital camera except a lot more fun and rewarding (in more ways than you think). Check out the camera I bought here:

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