Monday, October 13, 2008

Flip Videos Product Review

The compact video recorder, Flip by Pure Digital Technologies packs a big punch for it's compact size. My brother first told me about his and how convenient it is to carry around and record his kids. I was hesitant at first, but figured @ $130 it was worth the risk. When it arrived I took it out and inserted the batteries that came with the camera and just recorded some things around me. Next, unlike other camcorders and even cameras I didn't have to search through the box to find the USB cable to connect it to my laptop. It has a built in USB chord that simply flips in and out! As soon as I plug it into my laptop a window pops-up and I am surprised to find that it also has a built-in video editing software! Another point for Flip video. It takes a few seconds and I'm already watching my video and given the option to use one of the templates to edit my video which did an amazing job of making it look professional. Editing and saving was a piece of cake!

The simplicity of the camera and its use is like no other. You turn it one with a slide-button and once it's on you simply push the red button and it starts recording and then push it again and it stops. You can instantly watch it by pressing the PLAY button and if you don't like it you just press the button that has the trash can on it to delete it. I honestly think a 5-year old could operate this thing without a problem.

I bought the 60-minute model from Amazon, but they also offer a 30-minute model for a bit cheaper. I think getting the 60-minute model is worth the extra few bucks since you don't want to run out of recording time. It came with a hand strap, batteries (2 AA's), and a nice little pouch to put it in. I've had mine for about 6 months and it's still in perfect condition with no problems whatsoever. I've posted some of the videos on facebook and my friends were amazed at the quality of the video and sound of this little beast.

So what are the cons you ask? Of course there's a downside, what do you expect from a $130 camcorder these days?
1. Ok you only have 2GB of memory and max recording time is 60 minutes. Yeah that sucks a little, but seriously this isn't the type of camera you would take to your kids football game!
2. This sucker will eat up your batteries after about an hour of straight recording. Solution? Rechargeable batteries, simple.

Really these are the only 2 things that I could come up with that I somewhat didn't like about this thing. If you're looking for a cheap way to record those special moments in life in and out of your home, this baby's for you. Here's the link at Amazon to check out some of its specs and read other reviews.

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