Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Magazine Company Threatens then Sends Magazines

I've always been interested in working out and building the body so I would get subscriptions from different health magazines from time to time. One of my favorites is Men's Health and about a month ago I received a letter saying that I haven't paid for my subscription and that they were going to send it to a collections agency if I did not pay. From my understanding I have already paid my subscription up front as I have always done, but I decided to go ahead and pay for it to "clear my name."

Done deal right? No, about 2 weeks later I receive a Men's Health magazine in my mailbox! They make me pay for subscription that I had already received saying I never paid for it and once they get my payment they send me the next 12 issues without my consent and then make me pay for it again after 12 months??? I've always enjoyed Men's Health and even as I write this I am looking at David Beckham on the cover of the September's issue, but I wonder if they're using a dirty little scheme to make a few more dollars. I will forward this to Men's Health and see if they'll say anything., Inc.

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Josh Lee said...

I did some research and sure enough this has been an issue with others as well. I've found a site where you can submit your complaint.