Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unfriendly person at McDonalds

I pull up to a McDonalds that I recently started going to and there's a line of about 5 or 6 cars which is normal for this location. I don't know about you, but this is the first McDonalds that I've seen that has 2 drive-thru's. So I've been waiting at the most 2 minutes when I hear tires spinning behind me so I look and this lady in her mid 40's pulls into the other drive-thru like a madman. I just shake my head and mind my own business.

So because of her quick maneuvering she got in front of me and once she pulls up to the first window to pay she starts giving the cashier a hard time about how her order never came up on the computer after she ordered and she didn't know what was going on. The old lady at the register kept her calm and never once raised her voice. She simply rings up her order and takes her money. Not the end of it. This rude driver pulls up to the second window and she starts yapping at the associate there about what had happened while she war ordering. The associate hands the rude customer the order simply sends her on her way. The rude drive had to leave one more mark with her tires as she quickly left the parking lot.

I wanted to ask that driver to put herself in the other person's shoes. I think we're so self-minded at times that we forget that the people we interact with are PEOPLE just like me. I've said and done things in the past to friends and family that I regretted and had to apologize (always fighting with my pride). It's a good feeling when I do that, but admit it's not easy. So for you readers out there, even if you're having a bad morning or day you don't have to take it out on people that didn't cause you to have a bad day.

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