Monday, October 13, 2008

Skateboarders - Punks or just don't care?

So I operate a business here in Kentucky and have been dealing with some local high school skateboarders. I consider myself a nice guy and try to understand teenagers as much as I can and try to relate to them. I don't see skateboarding as a bad thing, but when they're skateboarding on my property while I'm trying to run a business I do see that as a problem. So I see a group of boys skateboarding on my parking lot so I walk out and nicely ask them to go somewhere else. They say "ok" and they're gone simple as that. Well few days later they return, so I say the same thing and they say "ok" again. Guess what? You guessed it, they're back again a few days later. Any normal person would be pretty upset by now, but I kept my cool and this timed I simply called the police and had them come out and talk to them.

It has been about a week and guess what? You got it! They're back! No more nice guy, I walk out and simply say "not on my property." They're response? You mean just here? I do my best to not laugh at him and say, "not on my property anywhere!"

Growing up in high school I had skater friends so I have no hatred against skaters whatsoever, but man these kids had no respect for myself or the police and the law. I understand they're at their rebellious age, but man their lack of respect for others just blows me away. Maybe since I was raised to respect others and especially adults I see it differently, but isn't that how we're all supposed to be raised? What do you think?

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