Saturday, October 18, 2008

Looking for a phone servcie provider?

I've owned a cell phone for what seems like ages. I remember my first cell phone was with Bellsouth before they became Cingular then AT&T. My friends used to call my cell phone "Tank" because that's how big it was. Since then I've mainly stayed with T-Mobile and usually had to fork over a little bit of money for a decent phone. Just recently I was introduced to an online website by my brother that offers phones w/ service plans at prices no stores would be able to compete with. You can get a lot of the top of the line phones for free and sometimes they even throw in a bonus like a bluetooth headset or sometimes even money back. Is it legit you ask? Absolutely! If you're looking for a new phone and your contract is up, is the place you need to check out. They offer deals from all carriers. Click on the banner below and check it out for yourself. I'll never promote an ad on my page if I didn't try it out for myself and if it wasn't worth checking out. You'll be thanking me after you get your phone for either FREE or super-cheap. Enjoy!

Wirefly - Outrageous Deal: Samsung Instinct Touch Screen Phone + Free Bluetooth Headset. Enter coupon code BDAYACCD4B02552 at checkout.

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