Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Example of Fake Craigslist Email

Thanks for posting the Advert on CL...I'll like to by this from you if you really wanna sell it.So get back to me with the last price and the condition.I anticipate that Cashier's Check will be issued out to you by my bank and my secretary would have it sent out via ( FedEx or Ups Next Day Air ) .i would have love to come down for the pickup but am not chanced to do that now but am satisfied with your description of the Advert,ill instruct my client to issue out the payment to you as soon as i get the necessary details for the payment making and I would have love to come down and look at the Advert myself and pick it up but i'm a very busy individual with work and other obligations so in order words i have a mover that handles my shipment,they will be the one to pick up the Advert from your location once the payment has been confirmed and it would be in an overdraft that will include the shipping fees that would be needed to have the Advert picked up from your location by a prepaid local mover so ill like you to get back at me with the details below: Full Name:..........Address:.........City...........,State & Zip code :............Valid Phone Numbers(Both Home and Cell)........Last Asking Price :..........Accept my offer: .......... Once you get back to me with all the above, the check will be issued out immediately and it will be sent to you Hope to hear from you immediately.Looking forward to your swift response.i will also be offering you extra $20 for keeping the Advert for me till the shipper comes for the pick up.


Josh Lee said...

Thank You Email I received:

Thanks for helping get the word out. I, too, have received similar offers from scammers when listing trumpets for sale. Making people aware of their typical pitch is the best way to fight them.

Thanks again.

ronegiz said...

Bad English would be a certain giveaway for a scam. As well as, asking for all of your personal information. Just ask them (pro scammers) for a phone number to talk to them. That will pretty much end the deal! Good luck out there...It's a sea of sharks and we are the chum!