Saturday, November 8, 2008

Martin 000C-16RGTE Premium Review

I am parting with my Martin 000c-16RGTE after a couple of years and thought I would share my experience and memories with it. I purchased it on Ebay for an incredibly low price and of course it had its own share of scratches and small dings here and there. When I first pulled the guitar out I was a little disappointed because it just look like a "regular guitar." I tuned it up and started playing it and was blown away by the sound and the playability. This was my first high end guitar so I had no idea what to expect. The sound very warm and just pleasing to the ears.

That Sunday I took it to church and played around on it through the church PA system and WOW! Another huge difference compared to the cheap no name guitar I had. The sound was amazing and the best part of it was I had full control of the sound. The Fishman Premium Blender allowed me to use both an internal mic and an under the saddle pick-up which was a bonus. I have received many compliments on this guitar throughout the two years I've had it.

So why am I parting with it you ask? I am currently attached to my Taylor 314CE which I will have to write about in the future, but besides that I'm ready for bigger and "badder" Martin. I would like to keep the one I have, but I have no interest in collecting guitars. Here's the full spec report: BillsMusicOnline

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