Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Make Money Blogging Part 1

This is the first of several parts to making money blogging, please subscribe to my posts as I will show you how to make easy money just writing about things you enjoy. Think of it like having an online diary, but people pay you to read your diary. Cool!

So you have a blog and you want to make money? Well the good news is you can! Bad news? There are millions of others who are trying to make money blogging as well. First thing first, don't pay anybody to help you to make money blogging! Though they may provide useful information, if you do your research you can find those information for free. So a couple of months ago I ventured into the world of blogging because I felt like I could help others with my own experiences in life.

Onto the moneymaking! The first account you want to open up is an Adsense account through Google. Adsense is free and rather easy to make money with. They put ads on your blog for you that is relevant to your blog and when somebody clicks on those ads you get paid! How easy is that? Well, honestly it's not that easy unless if you have high traffic that comes through your blog. Nevertheless I made $0.01 my first month blogging(you're allowed to laugh). I'm on track to making $10 this month(only my second month can still laugh). What you earn is up to how much time and/or money you spend bringing traffic to your blog.

So go sign up and spend some time looking over the legal stuff and getting used to Adsense and how to use it and I'll keep adding on to this post to help you guys make a little bit of side money.

Make Money Blogging Part 2

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