Thursday, November 13, 2008

Craig's List Fraud Round 3!

I am interested in buying your item‏
From: Kinnie Jones (

Medium riskYou may not know this sender
Sent: Thu 11/13/08 9:38 AM

I am interested in immediate purchase of your ITEM .After several consideration over the advert placed on the website, my client has really shown interest in it and would really want to buy the ITEM. I will however like to see the pictures; showing the parts, full body and most importantly the condition before finalizing the buying process. I wont be chanced to come down to inspect the ITEM so kindly provide me with necessary details regarding the said ITEM .I will as well appreciate if you can reduce the price cos I'm highly interested in buying it
Hoping to hear from you

This is a funny one. You see where it says "ITEM" this person is supposed to change that to the actual ITEM which in this case would be the "GUITAR." This one must be a rookie.

Craigslist Fraud Seller


Anonymous said...

About 1 month ago I purchased a few body parts for my Suburban.The ad,listed by a Tim Larkspur in St.Paul,stated he had a hood in good condition that had been outside for a while and needed to be washed.The meeting time ws delayed by him,until dark.I also puchased 2 fenders, a grill and core support.I looked them over quickly,paid him and was on my merrily way.1 flaw in the grill was pointed out,fine.$500.00 for it all ,great.Mon.morning I washed the hood and found hundreds of hail dimples.Both fenders were keyed into the metal ,a mounting tab o the grill was broken off,the core support was cutt where tranny lines mount.The point is,inspect carfully,in good lighting,trust no one,exchange DL info if you can on spendy transactions and don't bring the children.We have located his home and workplace scince and we're waiting until Christmas for our little suprise.A new hood ,2 fenders for his nice new truck.I did e-mail on Monday and he removed his other listings and no contact.

Anonymous said...

Because you bought the stuff and didn't bother to really look it over, you think you need to take retaliatory measures against this seller? it was your freaking fault , not the seller who is trying to make a buck, in your case this is buyer beware. Hail damage is easy to fix once the part is off the vehicle. so is key marks,"repaint" re welding a mount tab could a sob cause of metal pigmentation and type of welder needed. To take such measures would show your lack of human mentality. you ripped yourself off, not the seller ripping you off.

Anonymous said...

If anything the seller ripped off the insurance company for the full cost replacement of them parts and did the work himself, plus sold you the damaged parts.

Anonymous said...

Here's the scam email I recieved from someone named Robin Edward:

I really appreciate your response to my email. I want you to considerit sold, pls do withdraw the advert from craisglist to avoiddisturbance,anyways I don't have time to come over to take a lookbecause of my Business schedule but you don't need to bother yourselfwith the shipment,I'lltake care of that by engaging the services of a mover, hence I'll besending a check and it will be delivered to you via United ParcelService,so I'll need you to provide me with the following informationto facilitate the mailing of the check....1.Full name on the check.2.Full Physical address to post the check3.City, State and Zip Code4.Home & Cell Phone to contact you.Note that the payment will be shipped to your address via UPS NEXT DAYAIR SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not beresponsible for shipping i will have my mover to come over as soon asyou have cashed the check.ThanksN.B UPS does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.Regards

My response to him was that I would only accept a money order. I had a funny feeling I wouldn't hear back from him again, which I didn't.

Ken said...

You guys could find the spammers back like I did. I used my PO box address to have them send me the "cheque". It was pretty funny. The scam part is when the "cheque" arrives. Its always for waaaay more than the asking price of the item. That is when they email you back and ask for you to send a portion of the money back to them. I have a $3654.00 posted on my fridge from when I scammed one of the scammers back. They sent the "cheque" via express mail, so it cost them money. I advise all of you get yourselves your own "nigerian cheque". If more people scam the scammers back, they'd do it a hell of a lot less!


Josh Lee said...

Just a thank you email I received:

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to add the "avoid fraud" page to craigslist. I see the scams all of the time and it drives me crazy because I know some people are just not aware of the cons out there and they get taken.

I've been looking for a car for my son and I can't believe how many people have contacted me with cars in "other states" ready for free shipping.

Thanks again for reminding to be on the look out for scammers. Have a great day.


Matt said...

Another common scam is to advertise a vehicle at an unbelievably low price including "shipping". It's always far from the CL listed city and the seller wants to use a "safe" 3rd party payment company, always one you've never heard of, or if it is an existing company, their link takes you to a spoof site version. My friend just showed me a CL ad for a mint 04 Corolla with 41k miles for only $2795! Including shipping! Is that UPS or Priority Mail I wonder? Oh - another giveaway: the car was supposed to be in Connecticut but there was a grove of palm trees in the pic behind it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the palm trees, tile rooves and concrete driveways are a pretty good indication that a New England car listing is a scam - not to mention a price that's usually a quarter of what it should be. I have begun to notice that some scammers are listing more realistic prices in response to being flagged on a regular basis...

Redgoose said...

The biggest giveaway is that they never have a city location listed, so the ads just say "Oregon Coast"

Anonymous said...

On the Nov 15 scam from "Robin Edward", I just received exactly the same email for a Craigslist item, word for word.

I received it from a "Sheyanne Loomis", a name I can't find anywhere on the West Coast where I live.

I guess the scammer is hoping I will ship it before the bad check clears?

I'm wondering if I contact the police they could arrest the "movers" when they arrive.

Anonymous said...

The "movers" will never arrive! That's part of the scam.
And there are seller scams out there as well. I have responded to several Computer sales where the seller says they are in the UK or some other country and offer to send the item to me after they receive payment and so on. I usually respond with something like, "That is perfect, I will be in your country and town/city as I have a business trip to that location, or will be traveling for vacation or something to that effect. I ask for an address and phone number so I can bring cash and pick up the item in person, and what do you know? They never respond again!

Alan said...

Last year I was looking at vehicles and found a Galant that looked mint in California. Being from the Midwest I couldn't go see it but had interest. Seller kept talking about completing transaction but didn't send me the other photos I requested or the vin #. Finally he sent info so we could have the car shipped, so I got the vin and put it into carfax. Apparently it has a bent frame and the side of the car not seen in the photo is smashed to all get out. One scam avoided. Once confronted I never heard back.

Anonymous said...

From: sheyanne Loomis
Date: Fri, Mar 06, 2009 11:01 am

I really appreciate your response to my email. I want you to consider
it sold, pls do withdraw the advert from CL to avoid
disturbance,anyways I don't have time to come over to take a look
because of my Business but you don't need to bother yourself with the
shipment, I'll take care of that by engaging the services of a mover,
hence I'll be sending a certified bank check and it will be delivered
to you via
United Parcel Service or Fedex, so I'll need you to provide me with the
following information to facilitate the mailing of the check...

1.full name on the check.
2.Full Physical address to post the check
3.City, State and Zip Code
4.Home & Cell Phone to contact you.

Note that the payment will be shipped to your address via UPS NEXT DAY
AIR SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not be
responsible for shipping i will have my mover to come over as soon as
you have cashed the check
N.B UPS does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.

this was for a nintendo Wii on craigslist I told them the only way was in person with cash, and noted that I use a anti counter fit pen to check if the bills are valid. or through ebay if long distance I then refered them to the anti scam page at craigs list. and told them I am not an idiot, dont you realise were on to you? all to which I received no responce.... I also reported the email to the links provided in the page on craigs list to report them for scams and fraud prevention.

Anonymous said...

I am getting the exact response to my CL listing from Will send me a certified check tomarrow.