Thursday, November 13, 2008

Craig's List Fraud Round 2!

I received another email from another fraudulent buyer the other day. Like I said the first time, if you just look a little closely it's easy to see that they're sending out the same email to everybody.

How are you doing.?I'm really interested in buying your musical
instruments posted on Craigslist,would love to make an outright
purchase.I'm okay with the amount you intend to sell the musical
instruments to me and the condition of the musical instruments is
okay hence would love to buy the musical instruments from you.I
anticipate that to make payment for the Vehicle i'll get in touch with
my Client for a Cashier's check or certified check,which would be
issued out in your name as soon as i get the necessary details from
you.I will like you to know that i would be making arrangement with a
local shipper that would be coming from the pick-up of the musical
instruments at your location or where the musical instruments is
locate once the payment has been confirmed so you don't have to worry
as regards the pick-up and delivery of the musical instruments to me
all you gotta do is to let show them where it's for them to pick it
up.They would be the one to have the musical instruments picked up
from your location on my behalf since i wouldn't be available to do
that cos i'm a very busy man individual with tight work schedule and
other obligations.I will like you to know that the payment would be
in overdraft which means it would include the actual amount for the
musical instruments plus the shipping fees and expenses that would be
incurred by the local shipper that would be picking up the musical
instruments from your location.So i'll like you to get back to me
with your full contact details contacts details that would be needed
by my client to have the payment issued out to you,as soon as that is
done and the payment has been issued out to you by my client,it would
be sent out to you by my secretary via Courier Service mail which
might be either through FedEx Express,Ups or Dhl.I will like you to
get back to me with the requested details in this form below so that
the payment can be issued out to you right away...
Your Full Name to be on Check:.....
Zip Code:.................
Phone(Both Home and Cell):..............
Final asking price.............................
I will be looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible
,Have a blessed andpleasant day!.

Dj Prince
I changed the color of the font to blue in 3 places. The first one is "musical instruments," they never mention the guitar specifically. They know that my listing was placed in the musical instruments category so they simply put "musical instruments." The second one says, "make payment for the Vehicle," this person forgot to put "musical instruments" here instead of "Vehicle." This shows that they're sending out the same email for all listings, but simply changing out the category of the items. The third one is simple, his name. I don't know about you, but if I think an email is from a fraudulent buyer, but wasn't sure. The name at the bottom would tell me that this one is a crook. Come on, DJ Prince??? At least take a few minutes to come up with a legitimate American name.

One last thing you can usually always count on is their grammar. Because these crooks are usually from outside of the US, their spelling and grammar is horrible. I honestly believe a 4th grader would do a better job at writing this email than these guys. I hope this will be helpful to you guys and leave and tips or advice that you might have or your own experiences with online fraud.

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Fishel said...

Where does one even start with what's wrong here? It's a festival of warning signs!
First, as mentioned, the grammar is always ridiculous. Second, any mention of shipping, paying by cashier's (or other) check, or "my client" is a giveaway to a scam. Third, when they start talking about getting your info...start walking!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey hey. I have a DHL envelope full of checks sent by scammers. I find them amusing. I took the first check to the bank to check it out. They said the paper wasn't right and had I deposited it, I'd be guilty of fraud. So now I just run up their ground shipping bill for sending me bogus checks and then tell them their gear was sold to someone local. Mick Roeg

Raj said...

I get a bunch of these emails too. I lead them all along and use bogus and phoney names with my home address to get them to mail me the checks by paying ground shipping.once the check comes they keep emailing me have you cashed it and when I would be sending the money by western union to their shipper. I send the portion from craigslist scam but cut and paste and never hear from them. they finally get the message. stupid idiots.