Friday, November 7, 2008

Blog Review - The Lousy Poet

Here's an interesting blog to check out. It's titled "The Lousy Poet." The blogger describes herself as a "Wannabe Author, Artist and Web Designer. Or in other words, overall hack."

"The Lousypoet is an eclectic place full of different ideas and points of interest from around the net. From links to survey sites, web comics, blogs of interest and entertainment sites, the Lousypoet generally reflects the chaotic mind of its creator."

You'll find interesting "words" that you probably have never heard of unless you were in a spelling bee. One such word is "chiropteran" which you can find the definition to on her blog.

The writer is also a web designer and you can check out some of her work in the "gallery" section. Go check out her blog at the lousy poet

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