Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Drivers

Taking a break from online fraud until another good one comes along. I hope the emails were helpful and I'm sure some of you got a good laugh as well.

I was driving over to a friend's house last night and while driving on an interstate I noticed a car was hitting the breaks and in front of it was a big diesel truck stopped. I thought it was a traffic jam. When I got close enough I noticed the right lane was completely open and the big truck had its right turn signal on and was trying to get off the exit that he/she had already passed up! First of all when you enter these interstates, there's a sign that reads "No Stopping" just before you hit the ramp. If you miss that sign, you should keep in mind that cars and trucks(semi's) are traveling at 70-80mph. You're not just putting yourself in danger, but the people behind you as well. I started honking at this truck and fortunately he had an opening and cut across and onto exit ramp.

I honestly believe some people should have never received their licenses sometimes. Got a good story of your own?

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Hi! I'm Grace said...

whew! I just came here in Michigan 5 months ago, and everybody told me its about time that I learn to drive... oohh, but I don't want to drive. Do I really need to? :(

Oh by the way,Josh, I just added you. Thanks.

Joe said...

First off, I've been a professional long-haul truck driver for eighteen years, and my professional opinion of most of my peers is that they're a bunch of knuckle-dragging, drooling idiots.
My personal favorite "bad driver", though, is that guy (or gal) in a car (never a truck) sitting at a complete stop at the top of the freeway on-ramp, trying to merge with freeway traffic by applying the brakes! Professional note to other drivers: this strategy does not work!

Big Korean said...

joe i hear you! i'm sure you're annoyed by those people that cut you off all the time as well.

K said...

I was riding with a girl one time who did the exact same thing. She realized she was missing her exit and came to a stop on the left lane of the freeway. A semi went rolling past us blarring its horn. After my heart skipped a few beats, I came to my senses and told the girl to get to the edge of the freeway. I then calmly told her to never do that again (it might just cost her her life next time). I then told her to go to the next exit and turn around.
Needless to say, I've never ridden in a car with her again.

So, I completely understand. This happened about 8 years ago. I hope she drives better now.

Josh Lee said...

K, there's nothing more scary than having a semi roll right past you going 70-80mph while you're at a complete stop. Good thing you're alive, haha.